PHP Scripts

du.php 1.0 Basic script that runs ‘du’ on the user’s home directory and lists the size of every folder(including subdirectories)

du2.php 2.1 Based off the du.php script, but adds navigation to it so you can browse through the file system and list the directories with the space they take up.

du_sorted.php 1.0 This lists the directories in $dir with the space they take up. Sorted by size. Ex:

Test Scripts
testoutbound.php 1.0 Can be used to test if a connection is possible between the webserver and remote host. Uses fsockopen();

testmysqlwindows.php 1.0 Meant to be used to test if you can connect to a specific mysql database/server from a windows-based php installation. (probably works on unix if you take out the first line)